Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start online registration?

1. Click “Log in” or ”Register” button

2. Complete all columns marked with "*" since these columns are mandatory.

3. Make sure that you are an adult smoker aged 18 years or older who lives in Indonesia, and are willing to be contacted by the company in relation to vaidation and publication of promotional material related to your hobbies and lifestyle,

4. Users are mandatory required to submit ID card by uploading it.

5. Make sure the ID card you upload into the system is valid and clearly legible, so that we can carry out the verification process to allow you to claim all the advantages from being a full member.

6. Once completed, the system will send a notification to your email address informing you that the information you submitted will be validated within 24 hours.  After validation, another email will be sent to you confirming that your information has been validated and that you may now log in to the website. 

7. After a successful login, complete the column in the Update Profile page marked with "*" since this column is mandatory.

What if JTI is unable to verify my ID card?

This means that JTI could not validate your ID card because the name and birth date entered did not match, or the picture in the ID card is not clear. If you feel that you have submitted a valid and legible ID card, try again to send it via email to (Email correspondence) and we will try to verify the identity card once again.

Whenever I click the button in this website, the message ”Do you want to show unsecure items?” always pops up.

The solution is simple: open Internet Explorer or any other browsers, find the Tools | Pop-up Blocker, and then disable your pop-up blocker by choosing Turn-Off Pop-Up Blocker.

How long can I open this website without doing any activities?

This website will renew user sessions every 15 minutes and the system will bring the user back to the main page if there is no activity on the website during such period.

What if I no longer want to be a member of this website and have no intention of being contacted by the company related to promotional material?

It's very simple, just click the Remove Me button on the lower part of the website and fill out the required fields: Username, Password and Confirm that you want your account to be deleted. Click Submit if all columns have been completed. We would very much like to have you stay on this website. If you believe there is anything on the website that needs to be changed, please do inform us. Thank you!

I never registered to the website, how can the company find my identity and send an invitation to access this website?\

We have an integrated marketing database and records of adult smokers who had previously agreed in writing and verified with our local agency as having agreed to be contacted by the company for marketing purposes. We believe that you will be interested in many benefits of being a part of this program. Please try our website for a few days before deciding not to join this community.

Is this website SAFE to access?

Yes, we guarantee that this website is safe to access, since a penetration test has been conducted against the security of the website by an accredited IS of Security Institute.